What is a 6(d) Certificate?

I am considering purchasing a condominium, what is the fuss about this so-called “6(d) certificate”?

Mass. General Laws Ch. 183A, sec. 6(d) defines it as “A statement from the organization of unit owners setting forth the amount of unpaid common expenses and any other sums which have been assessed against a unit owner…”

Why it is important:

  • It shows if there are any unpaid condominium fees for that particular condominium;
  • You will have to record a “clean” 6(d) certificate if you are refinancing or purchasing a condominium because the mortgage lender could lose priority in collecting money owed.

 What is the purpose of the “6(d)”? 

  • Creates a lien and protects the condominium association’s interest in collecting the fees;
  • Could put you on notice of issues with the condominium association; for example, if the condo association has a lot of units not paying their fees – how are they going to afford to stay afloat?

What are the costs?

  • Usually depends on the Condominium Association, you should contact them or your attorney to find out;
  • You may also have a recording fee you may have to pay the Registry of Deeds.

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