You have found a house to which you plan on calling home.  But, you see some water in the basement or something that just does not belong.  What should you do?

Ask and ask some more!  Traditionally, sellers do not have any duty to tell you of a “problem” with their homes, even if they know about it.  If you find water in the basement ask the seller and the broker what the problem is.  If they say “oh nothing, don’t worry about it”, when in fact they know there is a large problem, then you may have a leg to stand on.  But, if you decide not to ask you may be responsible for all the repairs.

Look for representations of “new”, “recently replaced” and so on.  Don’t depend that a seller or broker will automatically tell you everything that is potentially wrong with the home.  Make sure you hire a reputable home inspector and speak with an attorney at the earliest stage possible.

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