The Law Office of Robert J. Spavento offers legal service in the following areas; however, representation is not limited to those listed below.  Please contact him for a consultation regarding your legal concerns.

Real Estate

  • Drafting and/or reviewing purchase and sales agreements as well as refinances;
  • Represent buyers and sellers;
  • Title issues and/or concerns;
  • Drafting deeds;
  • Closings;
  • Landlord & Tenant issues.

Family Law:

  • Pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Divorce, including separation agreements;
  • Child support and/or alimony order modifications;
  • Visitation;
  • Adoptions;
  • Domestic abuse.

Business Law:

  • Create appropriate business entity – such as: Sole Proprietorships, LLC, Corporation, Partnerships, etc.;
  • Prepare business plans, discuss liability and discuss tax consequences;
  • Draft contracts, handbooks and employee manuels;
  • Recommend proper billing procedures;

Civil Litigation:

  • Breach of Contracts;
  • Personal Injury;
  • Fraud.

Criminal Defense and Juvenile Delinquency:

  • Operating Under the Influence;
  • Speeding, reckless driving, drag racing;
  • Drug offenses;
  • Assault and Battery;
  • Larceny;
  • Magistrate Hearings;
  • Motor Vehicle Stops;
  • Violation(s) of Constitutional rights.

Animal Law:

  • Dog bites;
  • Trusts for the benefit of your animal upon your death;
  • Pre-Nuptuial agreements – who gets which pet;
  • Hunting/Fishing rights;
  • Rights / Liabilities of veterinarians;
  • Injury to pets;
  • Your rights for “exotic pets”;
  • City/Town Ordinances;
  • Animal cruelty;
  • Purchase and Sale of animal – including your rights under the Lemon Law;
  • Liability of landlord / tenant

Care and Protection / Children Requiring Assistance

  • Represent children and parents when the state is attempting to remove your children from your custody;
  • Advocate for your rights from the temporary custody hearing until trial;
  • Negotiate with DCF, schools and other attorneys;